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"Parent YOU 101 was very helpful to my current situation.  I continuously feel stressed, busy, over worked; like I am running a race that never ends.  Unfortunately, this affects not only myself but also my family.  Parent YOU 101 let me know that I am not the only one going through a never-ending race.  It provided me comfort and support knowing other working parents are feeling the same way.  Marian did a fantastic job breaking down current issues that we face on a daily basis. She provided encouragement through her words, character building, and resources.  Parent YOU 101 gave me insight on how to manage my daily life without feeling overwhelmed.  The resources allowed me to help organize my thoughts and days along with organizing my children’s responsibilities.  The end goal is to relax, slow down, and enjoy the blessings in our lives, as well as empowering our children to be responsible productive learners and citizens.  I would recommend this class to all parents who may be feeling overwhelmed." ~Kristin Smith, Kindergarten Teacher, Carmel, Georgia

"Author Kris Yankee came to Willow Creek  preschool and read her book Are You Confident Today? Her presentation and interaction with the children was amazing. She was able to explain what confidence is to preschoolers at their level. But most importantly, she left my students with a feeling that empowered them and made them feel more confident. High Fives all around and we can't wait for her to return." ~Darlene Taig

"Kris Yankee provided workshops tailored to each grade level at Rose Pioneer. The workshop message and vision of creating positive character traits among students blended seamlessly with our ongoing Positive Behavior Supports and Intervention work. I would highly encourage anyone searching for positive character traits workshops to contact Ms. Yankee. The students and staff truly enjoyed her time in our building and we believe the program had a positive and supportive impact on our students." ~ Michael Beattie, Principal, Rose Pioneer Elementary School

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