Teaching character has never been easier for teachers, parents, and caregivers. The Every Day Is A Character Day Activity Book complements each of the five books in our Becoming A Better You! series and will help your kids become more confident, respectful, empathetic, honest, and grateful while learning about citizenship, trust, responsibility, and much more. There are fifteen themes per book, with each theme having six activities. There are ninety activities for both younger and older thinkers for each book with a total of four hundred and fifty les-sons! Teach character to your kids through: journal writing, role play, math concepts, and guided discussions. Also includes over thirty-five H5 Skills Pages. This activity book is your complete guide to instilling positive character for a lifetime.


Kris Yankee and Marian Nelson are passionate about balancing character with academics to foster a well-rounded curriculum for children to grow and become better people with skills that will support them throughout their lives.

Every Day Is A Character Day! Activity Book